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Online Textbook: Human Legacy

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Industrial Revolution Projects:

1. Choose one of the following to complete:
A. Write three diary or journal entries as if you were a child laborer. Each journal should be dated and at least a paragraph long.

B. Newspaper article:Pretend that you are an investigative reporter. Your assignment is to provide your readers with the facts about the pros and cons of the transition from farm life to factory life. Make sure that you include your opinion as to whether this "revolution" is more beneficial or more harmful to society overall. (Your article should be a page long)

2. Choose one of the following to complete:
A. Pretend that you are a salesperson whose job is to convince people to purchase your new invention. Using facts, you must "sell" your product to the consumer.
*What is your invention's title/name?
*Why should the consumer buy it? (How will it benefit him/her?)
*How does your product work?
*When and why was your product invented?

B. Resume - Create a fact-based resume for someone famous during this time period. (Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison, Robert Fulton, Samuel Morse, Louis Pasteur, James Watt, Eli Whitney, etc…)
Resume Template

IMPERIALISM WEBQUEST 4/13/16 Click HERE to get started

Imperialism in Africa Webquest 4/18/16 Click HERE to get started. ONLY COMPLETE A and THE FIRST 6 QUESTIONS ON PART B